e-product photography is based in London and provides quality advertising and product photography and imaging services. With years of experience in product and fashion photography we pride ourselves on not only the quality of our imagery but also on the quality of our customer service. We like to keep things simple, efficient and cost-effective for our clients... and our clients tell us how much they value it!  














With e-product photography it's easy as as 1,2,3,4,5…
1. We define the brief with you
  Give us a call or drop us an email and we can very quickly sort out the type of photography and style of imagery you need. We can then give you a detailed estimate.
2. We receive the products
  You can then send the products to us (or we can collect). We provide you with a full inventory of the products to ensure everything has arrived safely. We suggest that you insure the products for transit and shooting.
3. We style and test shoot and you choose the style you want.
  We then style the products and test shoot to give you a range of options to choose from. This way you know exactly what you will get when we shoot the rest of the products.
4.  We shoot the products, process and manipulate the images and quality assure them
  We shoot the products and undertake any image manipulation required, including colour matching and save the files in the size, resolution and file type you need. Each image is checked to ensure optimum quality.
5. We place the images on our secure site for you to download
How long does it take?
We turn things around quickly! Naturally, it depends on the number of images you require and we will give you a delivery date for images at the outset. For nornal jobs we aim to have your download ready in three days.
How soon do I get my products back?
As soon as we have completed photographing the products we return them.
How are they returned?
We dispatch products for return to clients by Royal Mail Parcel Service. This can take upto 3 days, but we can arrange faster delivery if required
Will the products be returned in a saleable condition?
Yes. We take care of your products and return them in the same condition that we receive them. Occassionally, due to the nature of the product, the process of dressing it means that it becomes unuseable, for example, where seals have to be broken. We will let you know if this is the case.
Should I insure my products?
We suggest you do. We take the safety of your valuable products very seriously and whilst we have never had a product damaged in our keeping we feel it would be prudent to consider having them insured as we do not accept liability for items in our keeping and items in our keeping are left at the owners risk. We cannot accept liability for any items in transit and we feel it is adviseable to consider insurance for transit of items.
What file types do you do?
Any type you need! For images for the web we generally provide optimised JPG, GIF or PNG files. For print masters we generally provide TIF or PSD files. For print jobs we can liaise directly with your printer to ensure their requirenets are met in terms of colur type and calibration. Image resolution is optimised to the desired medium. Typically for web and for print, although higher resolutions are possible. Image size is determined by your requirements. We can provide images at any size.
What equipment do you use?
People are interested in photography and often ask this. We give the same answer as David Bailey... "The right equipment for the job." For most of our product photography we use high end digital SLR and medium format cameras. For large images (such as poster and billboard campaigns) we have developed our own techniques and technology which can produce huge, high resolution images.
Will you work at our location?
Yes we will! We can bring our portable studio to your location and are happy to do so. By portable we mean we can background large objects, although it may be easier for us to collect the items and shoot them in our product studio. This often has the benefit of being less disruptive to the client and allows us the full flexibility of the studio.
What about copyright?
As the commissioner, the copyright belongs to the client (once the job is completed and full payment received.) One condition of our service is that we are permitted to use images we have created for advertising and promotion of our business, principally through this website.
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