at e-product photography we like to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to pricing
there are no sliding scales and no hidden extras
what we quote is what you pay!
  packshots £6 (inc.VAT) per image  
  product images shot on a white or coloured background    
  cut-outs (clipping paths)    
  removal of background    
  simple cut-out (simple shape - square, rectangle, polygon, etc..) £3 (inc.VAT) per image  
  standard cut-out (multi-sided objects, irregular objects) £5 (inc.VAT) per image  
  complex cut-out (difficult sides/angles and or internal cut-outs) £8 (inc.VAT) per image  
  clothing packshots    
  mannequin mounted clothing £6 (inc.VAT) per image  
  invisible mannequin mounted clothing £12 (inc.VAT) per image  
  flat mounted clothing £6 (inc.VAT) per image  
  hung clothing £6 (inc.VAT) per image  
  clothing detail £6 (inc.VAT) per image  
  rotating animation £40 (inc.VAT) per clip  
  360 degree rotating images £40 (inc.VAT) per clip  
  zooms £40 (inc.VAT) per image file  
  advertising photography please contact for a quote  
  prop sourcing £40 (inc.VAT) per hour, plus prop costs  
  modelled fashion photography each shoot is tailored to the clients specific needs. please contact for a quote  
  packing and return delivery costs    
  for delivery in UK mainland    
  3-5 day delivery £20 per package <20kg  
  48 hour delivery £25 per package <30kg  
  24 hour delivery £30 per package <30kg