packshots   advertising shots  
  packshots are our most popular type of photography. They are ideal for e-commerce websites. usually shot on a white background, although you can have any colour, we can shoot 'floating' packshots where the product appears to be suspended in the air or you can have a bit of shadow or reflection.   if you want to have that something extra to make your products stand out then our advertising shots are what you need. with mant years experience in advertising photography we can work with you on the brief and deliver stunning results!  



  clothing   modelled fashion  

if you are selling clothing then our clothing packshots will show your clothes at their best. we offer a variety of options, including:
mannequin mounted clothing;
invisible mannequin mounted clothing;
flat mounted clothing;
hung clothing;
clothing detail; and
rotating animation.


if you want to really show off your clothing line then a modelled shoot is ideal for you. with ten years experience in fashion photography, e-product photography will deliver that special atmosphere and look.

shooting in the studio and on location, we organise models, stylists and hair and make-up artists. you do as much or as little as you want.

hold down left mouse button to rotate image
  360 degree images   zooms  
  For that extra impact why not show your products all round! We use a high frame-rate to ensure the animation is very smooth. Our 360 rotations come as either Flash, Quicktime or embedded html files and you can choose to have visible controls or mouse-over activation. It's easy, you get the code and the files ready to add to your site.   Where your products have small details to show, why not try a zooming image. Once it's loaded on your site your clients can zoom in to see every detail. from the high resolution image we make.